01. Hog and Sheep Going to the Pasture (2:27)
02. Sitting on the Ridge (Mariel Vandersteel) (2:40)
03. Norafjølls (2:49)
04. The Schoolhouse (2:55)
05. On the Danforth (Keith Murphy) (3:48)
06. Springar from Valdres (3:40)
07. Djevelen i hjørnet (4:11)
08. Flannery’s Dream (4:11)
09. Three Forks of the Cumberland (2:59)
10. Huldreslått (4:37)
11. Six Miles Offshore of Montebello (Mariel Vandersteel) (3:57)
12. Hickory (4:15)

Recorded at: Dimension Sound Studios, Jamaica Plain, MA from August-October 2011.
Produced by: Jordan Tice
Engineered by: Matt Malikowski
Mixed by: Matt Malikowski, Mariel Vandersteel & Jordan Tice
Mastered by: Eric Conn & Dan Cobb at Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN.
Design by: Karli Ingersoll
Photography by: Ryan MacDonald

All tunes traditional unless otherwise noted. All arrangements by the artists on each track.

Released March 17, 2012

Mariel Vandersteel (fiddle & hardanger fiddle), Dominick Leslie (mandolin), Tristan Clarridge (fiddle), Maeve Gilchrist (harp), Jordan Tice (guitar), Duncan Wickel (fiddle) and Sam Grisman (bass).

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